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Cupboards, Cupboards, Cupboards…

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog for a while and so our apologies for not updating you with what’s been going on in the shop over the last few months. Its been a busy Spring with lots of people visiting over the Easter holidays, coinciding with Terry and Janey’s latest trip to India. Some fantastic stock is currently sailing across the ocean from India and we’re very excited for its imminent arrival (by the end of June with any luck!!)

In the meantime, we’ve sold a lot of furniture over the last few months which has meant we’ve brought in some great new cupboards which have now been photographed and loaded onto the site. There are some really fantastic pieces, our current favourites being the Laskshmi panelled cupboard, the multicoloured cupboard and the beautiful bedside cabinets.

Head over to now to shop furniture.

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And We’re Off….!!!!

So, here we are – after months of hard work the Dilliway’s are finally ready to  launch our brand spanking new website! For years we’ve been asked when we would go online but being the Luddites we are, we felt this internet thing was overrated and a fad that might pass soon enough…

However, oldest daughter Harriet has now joined the business and has dragged us kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Now, not only have we got an online shop, we’ve even got Facebook ( and Instagram (@dilliway_and_dilliway) pages so please feel free to ‘Follow’ us. We may in time even get to grips with Twitter…

On the website we’ve tried to offer up a good range of the products we stock in the shop and will constantly be adding to the site just as we are always adding to the shop! We really hope you like our site and please take a look around it, we welcome any feedback that you may have.

In these early days please bear with us while we find out feet. We will endeavour to get orders processed and dispatched the same day or next day but have built in some extra handling time into our delivery estimates in order to ensure we don’t let anyone down. Furniture sales will have to be dealt with on an individual basis as without a dedicated courier or delivery driver we will be having to take a bit longer to find the best and cheapest way to transport items to you. We hope in time that our delivery costs will all reduce as we are able to command better rates from third parties but as we are just starting out we have no way of foreseeing what our sales numbers will be like.

Finally just a thank you for coming to have a look and for those of you who have been waiting a long time for this site to come to fruition – thanks for sticking by us!

With love,

The Dilliways x

September Trip to India

September saw Terry and Janey travel  to Delhi and Rajasthan for a buying trip.  On this occasion they were joined by youngest daughter Mabel and her partner Oli who were both visiting the country for the first time. With the trip extended, they were all able to enjoy some sightseeing as well as buying some wonderful pieces which will be arriving in the UK in late November.