About Us


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A family run shop on Glastonbury High Street for 25 years. We specialise in quality and unique Indian furniture and homewares.


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About Us

Located in the heart of Glastonbury in Somerset, Dilliway & Dilliway specialises in unique Indian furniture, textiles and homewares which we import directly from suppliers in India. We regularly travel to India and pick each product by hand ensuring a fantastic range for our customers. Our ethos when it comes to product sourcing is simple – if it looks good and we would want it in our own house then we get it!


Dilliway & Dilliway has been a fixture on Glastonbury High Street since the business was established in 1990. Formally known as Dragons, Terry Dilliway opened the shop as a hobby and sideline to his London based photography business and began selling ethnic items from all over Asia including Afghanistan, India and Thailand. Drawn to the history, culture and spiritualism of Hinduism, Terry and his wife Janey eventually decided to concentrate on the business full time and renamed the business Dilliway & Dilliway. Focussing on India, the Dilliways began travelling to the country themselves and sourcing products directly from producers and sellers in country.  Having established a wide network of contacts across India, Terry and Janey along with their family now travel at least twice a year returning with shipments of furniture, textiles, lighting and other decorative items in tow.



Directly Imported Indian Goods